Shopping on a £2.50 Budget, How Low Can You Go

I love a bargain. Who doesn’t? So when I had to go and buy some stationery goodies for thirty Chinese school children I was psyching myself up for the shopping battlefield which on… Continue reading

Shanghai IKEA Experience, Tidal Wave Of People

IKEA is synonymous with flat pack furniture, solid colours, modern design, simple food and arguments. Couples especially are venerable to that heady toxic feeling of having too much to choose from which results… Continue reading

Walk The Plank, Snacks For Snakes

Qian Dao Hu (thousand island lake) is a man-made feat where valley areas were flooded in 1959 as part of the Xin’an River Dam project. Today it’s one of Zhejiang province’s prime tourist… Continue reading

Holiday On The Highway, Tianlong Nine Waterfalls

It takes a person with a high level of tolerance and patience to holiday in China during any national holiday period but especially during the first week of October, known as ‘golden week’.… Continue reading

Toilet Cubicle Blunder, Starbucks Moon Cakes

We now enter into the second biggest holiday on the Chinese calendar which this year combines both the lunar ‘Moon Cake Festival’ and the fixed Oct 1st celebration of China’s cultural revolution which… Continue reading

Real Men Knit, Knitted Underwear

Put together twelve pairs of knitting needles, multi-coloured balls of yarn, mugs of hot tea and coffee – and what do you get? A brilliant charity initiative. Known around the world as ‘knit-a-square’… Continue reading

Que Viva Mexico!, Spanglish Movie Charades

My morning was abruptly interrupted by a fury of daytime fireworks. For a split second I thought that the Chinese were marking the 202nd anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. But sticking… Continue reading

Corn Picking, Chen The Ghetto Farmer

When a new student joins one of my English language classes, I run through the usual tell-me-about-yourself introduction. You get to know about their hometown, what they are doing in Shanghai and why… Continue reading

Gospel Brunch, Mile High Club

Music and food – what two better combinations for a Sunday. And we are not just talking about a lunchtime special but a whole day (12 hours to be exact) where we were… Continue reading

The Final Curtain Call, Big Time Party

Last Friday was a super charged emotional night. As defining as the phrase ‘end of an era’ – Lezil, Lionel and Ralston a.k.a. 3’s Company played their very last performance at the five… Continue reading