Hot As Hell, Three In A Room

Themes of philosophy and spirituality were explored at the preview of ‘No Exit’ – a play originally written by French playwright Jean Paul Sartre in 1944. Recognised as one of his most celebrated… Continue reading

Book Crazy, Cassettes Alive And Well

Shanghai declared it’s sixth day in a row where temperatures peaked above 35C. For most westerners, soaring heat and unbroken sunshine would be the perfect setting to strip off and consume mother nature’s… Continue reading

Aquarium Charity Day Out, International Volunteers

Ticking off my debut speech appearance as the Caribbean Association in China‘s (CAC) Vice President last weekend – it was time to put our charity support into actual action. 21 children from the… Continue reading

Shanghai Calling Movie Premiere, Langham After Party

Shanghai got its very own piece of movie fame with the release of ‘Shanghai Calling’ – an independently produced film directed by Daniel Hsia. It tells the story of Sam Chao, played by… Continue reading

China’s AIDS Kids, First Vice President Public Appearance

China dominates the news with superlatives like the biggest, the strongest, the cheapest and the fastest. For a country with innumerable achievements you’d be forgiven to think that all that this powerful Asian… Continue reading

Our New Puppy, Year of the Flea

You can order literally anything when it comes to online shopping in China. Sites like Taobao and 360 Buy offer the ease of browsing, clicking and purchasing cheaper-than-cheap goods with incredible speed. Don’t… Continue reading

Opposites Attract, Help I’m A Pet Lover Get Me Out Of Here

Lezil and I recently reached our first major milestone. One year as a married couple. It has been nothing short of an incredibly sweet, enriching and character-developing journey thus far. We don’t have… Continue reading

Man Fans, Shanghai Spanking

It’s been a while since I’ve got to really practise my haggling skills so when a little slice of the UK came over to visit us recently, in the way of Mario and… Continue reading

Big Screen Jitters, And The Winner Is…

“So, who won?!” Lezil text me as I sat in the second row of an old 1930s 300-seater cinema near Shanghai’s People’s Square. It was fast approaching 10pm and you could sense the… Continue reading

El Niño Days, Nominated Vice President

I can pinpoint countless moments in my life when the unexpected stuck to me like a stubborn stain. There was the time when, in my younger tennis obsessed years, I was at Wimbledon… Continue reading