My Small Latino Greek Wedding, You Can Stand Under My Jacket

It’s hard to believe that Lezil and I are fast approaching our one year wedding anniversary. This time last year we were in the thick of it. Arranging venue details, numerous trips to… Continue reading

Kissing On Cue, Wine Between Takes

Six days went past from the first weekend of filming and we were back at director Vivienne’s place for another table read and rehearsal. The next two days of shooting were the big… Continue reading

Have Fun And Act, Mock Advert

A week ago I spotted an email in my inbox with the subject line ‘Read this script’. Still to this day I get DJ requests even though the last time I played out… Continue reading

Malaysian Visitor, I Want That Nose

One great thing about people coming over to visit is that it gives you the chance to see parts of a city that otherwise you might not frequent. Back in London, when cousins… Continue reading

Caribbean Beach Takeover, Tug-of-War

Certain cities have that eternal connection to beach life – Acapulco, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Cape Town for example. I can’t say I readily hear people saying, “I’m going to Shanghai to… Continue reading

Shakira Addiction, Wigs

Some start their week with work on a Monday. Others may be back to studying. Or if you are of the healthy sort, you sweat it out in a gym somewhere. Me? Well,… Continue reading

Beijing Brit Behaving Badly, Across The Border

This past week, the UK has hit the headlines in China. You maybe thinking it had something to do with the Olympics or Prince William and Kate’s latest media appearance. But, no. An… Continue reading

Meet The First Lady, Be Careful With My Babies

“Meet the First Lady,” I was told as I walked into a rustic-looking room on the second floor of the River South Art Center. The three-floor venue by a small river in Shanghai… Continue reading

Shanghai’s Abbey Road, China’s Original Eastender

In my past working life I had spent quite a few recording sessions at London’s Abbey Road which hands down is one of the most reputable music studios in the world. Countless artists… Continue reading

You Brought What From Colombia?, Korean Spa

Warm spring weather, unbroken sunshine and it’s the weekend. What could be more ideal for leaving the condensed city centre behind and going for some P&Q (peace and quiet) with nature? Oh wait,… Continue reading