One Birthday Many Parts, This Is Part Two

It was 11am and as Lezil clandestinely handed the taxi driver directions to our first secret birthday location, I sat there squirming in my seat. Glued to the window, I was paying closer… Continue reading

One Birthday Many Parts, This Is Part One

When measured by birthdays, time indeed flies by. It only seemed a moment ago I was celebrating with my peeps up in Inner Mongolia last year when now I am doing it for… Continue reading

Jerk Tofu, Dancehall Nice Again (in Shanghai)

The sound of pounding reggae dancehall music boomed out of six menacing-looking speakers as Elephant Man’s classic ‘Signal de Plane’ provoked some bad gyal wine on the dancefloor. This couldn’t possibly be in… Continue reading

Language Laughs, What’s in the box?

‘Lost in Translation’ was a one movie experience that I would rather forget. To say it dragged would be putting it nicely. It made going to the dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction… Continue reading

Café Connect, Don’t Talk To Me About Borat

“It just doesn’t feel like Easter being in China,” Lezil said to me the morning of resurrection Sunday. I had to agree. Being so far away from family and long-time friends back home… Continue reading

Everybody Loves Carol, Kosher Shanghai

At long last we got to have dinner with one of our close friends Carol. This dinner had been over six months in the planning. It was a case one thing after another… Continue reading

Hello Jackie Chan, iPhone Afterlife

As you may or may not know wifey Lezil is an established Jazz singer here in Shanghai. Now in her fourth year performing alongside Lionel Beukes (double bass/vocals) and Ralston van der Schyff… Continue reading

I am Medium Size, Indecent Exposure

At long last Shanghai seems to have broken free from its winter shackles and we’ve had a good run of five days straight of spring sunshine. And the timing couldn’t have been better.… Continue reading

Yes, yes!!! The blog is BACK! Sorry it took a minute!!

OK, so I realised that my good old blog had been left disregarded like a gift you longed for as a child and when you finally got it, you quickly lost interest (in… Continue reading

Where is Johan?!, Encounter with Chinese Grandmother

Thursday 17 June. Lilly, one of the marketing assistants at EF Hohhot School, had arranged to pick me up in front of the main KFC at 8am. We were travelling west to Baotou… Continue reading