It’s only Tabasco!, Runway Sheep

I arrived on Sunday in Inner Mongolia’s capital, Hohhot which means blue/green city in Mongolian. Blue because of the constant blue sky this land is blessed with and green because of the ground’s… Continue reading

Momentary Goodbyes, Obama Supermarket

The dreaded last day in Shanghai is here. Tomorrow, Sunday, I board a local flight and go due north to the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot. I have spent just over two weeks… Continue reading

Chill Days, My Name is Winnie Mandela

After the non-stop daily activities of the last 10 days, we decided to take our foot off the accelerator for the rest of the week. Wednesday was a pretty overcast drizzly day so… Continue reading

Band Lunch, I’m a Tai Chi Sword Master!

Monday we made it down to Xintiandi, a lovely pedestrianised area of central Shanghai – a trendy Notting Hill if you like – where wall-to-wall cafés and restaurants lined up with outdoor tables taking… Continue reading

Hands On Cooking, Chinese Acrobatic Extravaganza

It’s very easy to live ‘the good life’ in Shanghai. With countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cutesy hidden cafés – it breeds for a very social environment. Today we visited two of Shanghai’s… Continue reading

End of the Line, Chinese King James

We decided to be a bit more adventurous today and literally go to the outskirts of the Shanghai area to get a taste of Chinese town life. An hour’s ride on the metro… Continue reading

Kidnap Scare, Park Life

Today (Friday) and yesterday had a running theme – parks. Despite Shanghai’s magnitude in population, each city district holds a number of parks. Some are just a small square patch others have extensive… Continue reading

Ecuador Stand Proud, Shanghai Dancehall Vibez

Today was Shanghai Expo day! In a nutshell, it’s this huge exhibition showcasing countries around the world, a sort of tourist-come-business gathering. It’s hard not to escape the mass advertising drive which clings… Continue reading

Shanghai Old Town, I’m a Barbie Girl

All 40 floors of the Hilton had its electricity cut off this morning. Apparently there was a major electrical fault that tripped the whole hotel’s system. We had to walk down 11 flights… Continue reading

Aponkye Nkrakra with Fufu, Row Row Row Your Boat

Sunday started off in true pampering style with the morning spent at the Hilton’s Spa which was complete with swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, plunge pool and some kind of men’s… Continue reading