Whitney Houston Tribute, That Was Lezil’s Old Job

The New York Harlem Singers rolled into Shanghai as part of their winter 2012 Asian tour. Billed as ‘Tribute to Whitney Houston’ I was surprised to see the Shanghai Centre only half full.… Continue reading

A Spot Of X Factor, Karaoke Carol Singing

The weekend was a total mash-up. A blend of birthday and Christmas festivities over a driving beat of socialising, singing and sexy santas. Lezil, my wonderfully loving wife, celebrated another year on planet… Continue reading

Las Fiestas de Quito En Shanghai, Proudly Ecuadorian

The very last place I would ever expect to celebrate a national Ecuadorian holiday would be in China. Let alone be in a South American restaurant, eating South American delicacies and being surrounded… Continue reading

Surprisingly Spiritual, Food Does Matter

‘Lee Ang’ has been the buzz name in China for the last four weeks. The Academy Award-winning director has had his latest movie, ‘The Life of Pi’, released nationally on the mainland. For… Continue reading

It Was All About The Rum, Wheel And Come Again!

The key to any good party is the music, especially where Caribbean people are concerned. This year’s annual Caribbean Association in China (CAC) Christmas event had all the makings of a heaving downtown… Continue reading

Tennis Tunnel Vision, Back On The Court

I’ve been really getting into my latest read which is Andre Agassi’s autobiography ‘Open’. He was one of a handful of tennis legends I had on my bedroom wall during my early teens.… Continue reading

Chinese Big Time Concert, Not An Ounce Of Sex

Once again, one of my students proved to be the catalyst for a new Shanghai experience which this time was to be a big-time concert. ‘Book’ (yes, he fancies himself as some piece… Continue reading

Shanghai’s First Black Hair Salon, Back A Yard Music

It’s official. Shanghai has its very first salon catering exclusively for African Caribbean hair. Other Chinese first tier cities like Beijing and Guangzhou already have established locations where you can walk in and… Continue reading

A New Face In Town, Everyday Price Tag

“We want people to feel at home, pick up things and sit on sofas,” was the opening statement from Face’s marketing manager Darleen Cubas as we were handed two glasses of chilled South… Continue reading

Bus Driver’s Fury, Carnival In A Chinese Classroom

A group of volunteers met at central Shanghai’s Hengshan Lu for a charity day trip organised by the Caribbean Association in China (CAC). The responsibility fell on yours truly, as the organisation’s Vice… Continue reading